Drake Talks Michael Jackson, Dead Prez 'Over' Homages

'Just to honor him was great,' Drizzy tells 'Mixtape Daily' of MJ.

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DP still keep it crunk up!

"Drake borrowed the style -- they took it right back. They did their thing," DJ Drama told Mixtape Daily on Monday. He was explaining why [article id="1642038"]Dead Prez wanted to freestyle[/article] on the 23-year-old's "Over" on their new tape Revolutionary but Gangsta Grillz.

"The guys go in on a lot of records," Drama said. "The hits, as well as some obscure joints. They had to go in on 'Over.' "

The mixtape came out Tuesday and borrows from the title of their 2004 LP, Revolutionary but Gangsta

A few months back, while on the set of his [article id="1633986"]"Over" video, Drake told MTV News[/article] he was a fan of M1 and Stic.Man.

"I also do this thing in the song ['Over'] where I flip Dead Prez," he said of his tip of the hat to the duo's "It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop" from their classic 2000 debut, Let's Get Free. "They say, 'One thing about music when it hits you feel no pain/ White folks say it controls your brain/ I know better than that/ It's just game.' I love that flow," Drake explained. "So I took that flow and flipped it in the second verse."

But Drake doesn't just nod to DP on the track; the Toronto MC pays tribute to the greatest artist ever, Michael Jackson. Since this week marks the one-year anniversary of his death, it's only right we let Drizzy chime in on his stellar MJ reference:

" 'Bout to go 'Thriller' Mike Jackson on these n---as/ All I need is a f---ing red jacket with some zippers."

"That was sort of my reference point; that phenomenon of Michael," he said. "He was young and had the world excited and anticipating his every move. That was my homage to him and the impact that he had on the world that I live in. It's also ... great for people to say. Especially, unfortunately what happened to him, just to honor him was great."

"Over" is currently the #1 hip-hop song in the country, topping the Billboard rap songs chart.

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