This Is Why You Should Never Apologize For Texting Too Much

A new study shows texting and Facebook chatting improves your self-esteem. File this under "ways to prove your parents wrong."

Let’s face it, people: We’re a phone-dependent generation that gets off on likes, retweets and push notifications. But what if we told you that all the time you’ve spent texting has actually made you a better person? It’s true! The next time your grandma tries to call you out on being obsessed with “that lousy little contraption,” tell her this: You’re simply boosting your self esteem and building your confidence. You’re basically living out the song “Roar.”

According to a recent study at Indiana University Bloomington, texting and messaging positively influences people’s self esteem. Over the course of six days, participants in the study had to log all their social interactions (both in person and online), scoring each one on its intimacy, sharing, satisfaction and quality.

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The results prove that texting makes us happy! The researchers found that communicating by texting, email, and Facebook boosts people’s self esteem more than talking on the phone or in person. “Even though more participants in the study communicated with others face-to-face than they did texting, the study found that the texting was better for self esteem,” says Dr. Amy Gonzales, who designed the study.

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So what is it about typing out our thoughts that makes us feel more confident? Dr. Gonzales points to the anonymity of the internet and the tendency for people to (over) share more personal information through messaging as possible reasons. Whatever the case, this is good news for us — all that incessant, furious typing that has made our fingers our strongest muscles has finally paid off.