The Weeknd's 'Until I Bleed Out' Finds The Singer Struggling To Keep His Balance

He interrupts a nice party and causes some mayhem

The Weeknd's brain continues to boil into hot grease in the video for "Until I Bleed Out," the latest from his recently released album After HoursIt's been transfixing watching the singer, wearing a red blazer and dealing with a crooked nose, slowly slipping away from reality in this LP's era and this video continues the journey. Surrounded by balloons, The Weeknd can't even count on a stable ground to keep him firmly planted in reality.

In the latest chapter of The Weeknd's new saga, the loopy singer waltzes his way into a confetti-filled party of wealthy attendants. As he stumbles around, the room spinning in front of him, he locks eyes with a beautiful woman who expresses a mutual fascination with who he is. But before he can open his mouth and shoot his shot, the freckles on her face begin to dance in front of him. He blacks out.

He wakes up later even more bugged out before, everything around him a blur as people begin to take notice of the singer's trippy disposition. He's eventually shown to the door by security and concerned attendants who direct him outside. What waits for him is an empty, snowy oasis. Instead of being able to enjoy it though, he has to concentrate on the fact that the ground beneath him is still spinning.

If this sounds like a sad ending, you should see the "In Your Eyes" video that The Weeknd shared in March. Without getting too grotesque, the singer loses his head after chasing after a woman. Yeah, the After Hours era has been wild.

Speaking of After Hours, The Weeknd's latest album had the highest sales week of the year so far, moving 444,000 album-equivalent units in its first week, with 275,000 of those being pure sales. The LP, which features the bachelor life-loving "Heartless" and the lovey-dovey "Blinding Lights," followed up its huge opening week with 138,000 units this past week and continues to have a huge amount of success.

It appears that the world, including Christine and the Queens, is just as obsessed with The Weeknd's new music, as he is with dizzily stumbling into public events.

Watch The Weeknd wreck a nice party in "Until I Bleed Out" up above.