'Veronica Mars' Movie Will Leave The Fans 'Wanting A Little More'

Logan Echolls is back, badder and more lovable than ever.

As "Veronica Mars" moves into the final four of MTV's Movie Brawl, star Jason Dohring has some good news for all you Marshmallows.

Speaking with MTV News, the actor behind lovable bad boy Logan Echolls promised that the upcoming film "will have everything [the fans] have wanted, and still leave them wanting a little bit more."

Warner Bros. unveiled the first trailer for the "Veronica Mars" movie to universal fan acclaim earlier this month, revealing new plot details for the first time. Among the things we learned: Veronica (Kristen Bell) has left her sleuthing days behind, but not her boyfriend Piz (Chris Lowell). That is, until Logan needs her help cracking the case of who killed his pop star girlfriend.

The project famously came to light last year through a massively successful crowd sourcing campaign, with fans kicking in as much as $10,000 for a small speaking role in the movie. After two days, fans had donated over $5.7 million for the project.

Asked whether he finds it humbling to have been a part of such a huge cultural phenomenon, Dohring was at a loss for words.

"I can't even believe [it]," he said. "How can you have this tiny little show that was critically acclaimed, but it just felt like we were all down in San Diego shooting a student film."

He was particularly blown away by the Marshmallows' unbelievable attention to detail.

"I'd go on the forums after a show was over and I'd be like, This is getting canceled. This is the worst episode we've ever done, and people are like, This is the best episode we've seen so far," he marveled. "They'd notice little details, like some fleeting thought you had as you crossed off film. People are like, I know what he's thinking, this, this and this and you're like, I can't believe anybody saw that."

The film is set to debut at South by Southwest in early March, followed by a theatrical release on March 14.