'I Don't Care To Be Friendly': Will Jade Clash With Jenelle On 'Teen Mom: The Next Chapter'?

The two are both planning to attend Briana's 'winning party'

Briana celebrated her defamation lawsuit victory (she was sued by Kail) during the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premiere. But will two of the guests at the "winning party" be able to get along?

"Jenelle reached out to me, and she said she wanted to come," Briana told Jade, who traveled to Florida for the festivities. Turns out, Jade and Jenelle have a history -- even though they never overlapped on Teen Mom 2.

"I took her position, so it's a little awkward," Jade explained (she joined in September 2019 as Jenelle departed). "I mean, she talks a lot of sh*t online about me and my family. I think it might have been her husband [David]."

Briana clarified that David would not be attending, but Briana's friend Shae asked how Jade would react if Jenelle were to say something so they could put the past behind them.

"I don't care to be friendly; I have enough friends," Kloie's mom answered.  "I'm definitely not over here being fake cool."

Will Jade and Jenelle "be cordial"  and "let this all go"? Or will their prior tension bubble to the surface? Do not miss next week's Teen Mom: The Next Chapter to see Briana reunite with Jenelle -- and come face-to-face with Jade.