Lorde Performs Six 'Melodrama' Tracks Like You’ve Never Heard Them Before

Watch her reimagine ‘Supercut,’ ‘Sober,’ and more

Exactly two months after Melodrama’s release, Lorde is peeling back the layers of her chart-topping masterpiece.

On Wednesday (August 16), the VMA performer teamed up with Vevo to release a series of intimate performances filmed at Electric Lady Studios, the iconic New York studio where much of the album was made. In each video, Lorde reimagines a different Melodrama track, giving her fans a stripped-back take on a song they’ve dissected for weeks. Sit back and listen up — these videos are must-sees.

“Writer in the Dark”

Perched at the piano with her producer/partner-in-crime Jack Antonoff, Lorde unleashes that Kate Bush-esque siren sound inside the candle-lit studio.


The song’s pulsating beat is a little more subtle here, but by the end, Lorde’s jumping around the studio in dizzying emotion, repeating “In my head I do everything right” until it sounds more like a mantra than an excuse.


Lorde turns the lights down for this one, making it sound way more haunting.

“Hard Feelings / Loveless”

Lorde and her posse of vocalists venture outside to the studio’s rooftop for a truncated version of this mid-album cut. They spend about a minute on “Hard Feelings,” before transitioning into “Loveless,” which is so very lovely. There’s nothing like seeing seven women dance while singing about fuckin’ with their lovers’ heads.

“The Louvre”

The ultra-lush “The Louvre” seems like it’d be one of the hardest Melodrama tracks to strip down, but Lorde and Co. manage to give it a stunning, sparse makeover.

“Homemade Dynamite”

I’m just gonna say it: This enthralling take may be better than the album version, especially with its totally unexpected ending.

Bonus: Lorde talks about reimagining Melodrama

In a bonus interview with Lorde, the 20-year-old says she rarely does acoustic sessions, but it felt appropriate for Melodrama, especially with tracks like “Hard Feelings / Loveless.”

“A lot of Melodrama is really about taking these traditionally young, female emotions. It was kind of interesting to me to take those and amplify them and make them into something kind of transcendent,” she said. “I feel like having the girls out on the roof and making a really beautiful multi-part harmony, and just getting to have a sing, is what should have always happened with Melodrama; what the DNA of it is.”

She added, “My thing is always to make music that sounds like the inside of a heart.” Mission accomplished!

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