'Fear and Loathing' Boiled Down to Just One Crazy Minute

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" was one of those uber polarizing flicks that a viewer either completely loved or just could not appreciate one bit. But no matter which side of that 10-strip LSD sheet line you fell on, you gotta appreciate this 60-second rendition of the mind-melting movie.

Based on Hunter S. Thompson's well-documented* explorations of the mind-altered human condition, "Fear and Loathing" featured Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro as a journo type and his legal eagle on the ride of their lives — okay, probably just one of many — during a trip, literally and figuratively, out to Sin City.

While they were supposed to be reporting on some motorcycle race in town, the pair quickly ditched that assignment in favor of a "gonzo journalism" hallucinogen binge which resulted in them dealing with everything from lizard-headed barkeeps to the District Attorney Convention on Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Things got so twisty in the telling that one might find it hard to narrow down a simple plotline, but somehow, someway the talented folks at 1A4Studio on YouTube were able to flesh this one out to this 1-minute animated version and make the nonsense story make just a sliver of sense.

*Have you ever seen his daily schedule? If not, please do. It will truly blow your mind.

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