Sylvester Stallone Speaks On A 'Death Wish' Remake And Edgar Allen Poe

Now that's he's firmly reestablished himself, the Italian Stallion is turning his attention to other possibilities. We already know he's set to star in director Robert Rodriguez's "The Expendables." Now, speaking to Empire, Stallone also revealed that he's interested in remaking the Charles Bronson-starring classic "Death Wish" in addition to a long-gestating biopic on Edgar Allen Poe.

"I'm thinking about ['Death Wish']," Stallone said. "It's a classic morality tale, where you take a civilized man and take away everything that matters to him so he becomes primitive again." Not exactly an original idea, but this is a remake we're talking about. For his part, Stallone seems to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

"The trouble with remakes is that people fall in love with the original. It's like peanut butter. If you try to change the taste of peanut butter, you're in trouble," he said.

As for the Poe pic, Stallone wants to get it done, and done right. He's conscious of the demands of such a role, and he recognizes that, passion project or not, this might not be the vehicle for him to headline. "Of course, I'm not playing Poe," he told Empire. "'Yo, Poe!' It won't work! It'll be some young actor because he dies at 39, but it's gonna happen."

It's refreshing to hear this sort of frank talk from Stallone, not that it's anything new. His age of action stardom may have passed, but that doesn't matter. Stallone is better than that now, an actor/filmmaker who deserves your respect.