'Next' Lets You Crush The Souls Of Wannabe Musicians Everywhere

Kinda like Tinder.

To all you wannabe Lana Del Reys and budding Bruce Springsteens: You have three minutes. Go.

In an attempt to "democratize" the way we access music, two of the minds behind Tinder have created Next, a social network similar to the now-pervasive dating app, but for musicians.

Through the app, you can upload a performance anywhere from 10 seconds to three minutes in length for other users to see. If they hate it, they'll swipe left. If they love it, they'll swipe right, and can either follow the artist on the app or share the track with friends. Warning: As Tinder has proven, it's a cruel, cruel world.

From the five minutes I spent swiping -- mostly left, because I have no soul -- it seemed to be primarily teenagers covering major artists, with few established bands or original songs. But as this app is still an infant, it could be just a matter of time until you find "the one."

The app also features its own iTunes-like chart, featuring the artists who have gotten the most "likes." Currently nestled at #1 is user alexandraporat's cover of Sam Smith's "Stay." Close behind is ChandlerCarter's acoustic take on the 1975's "Pressure."

In an interview with The Next Web, co-founder Christopher Gulczynski said, "We're coming from a place of real passion and wanting to be heard."

"There’s a stigma around the music industry that it’s notoriously hard to monetize. What we’re trying to do is circumvent that by growing a critical mass of people on the platform, by coming around the backside. If the 'music industry' wants to be a part of it, we’re going to force them to play nice," he explained. "Next is always going to be a home for the person with a guitar sitting in their bedroom. It’ll never grow away from that. The core of the product will always be focused on the little guy."