Lil Bub Meows Up Against Indiana's Religious Freedom Act

She's putting out tunes in support of equality.

Lil Bub may be adorable, but she's not usually all that paw-litical (get it?!). Lately, however, the Internet's most so-weird-she's-cute cat has been getting all up into social issues -- specifically Indiana's Religious Freedom Act.

"We usually stay away from [social issues]," Bub's owner Mike Bridavsky told MTV News. "I learned when Obama was running for President and I posted a simple post that said, 'As a woman, Bub hopes that you choose the candidate that you feel best represents women's rights' -- it was a pretty open-ended statement and it was the first time I saw Bub's Facebook Likes go down. I got a lot of messages from people on the other side who explained that they come to Bub to get away from politics -- that's when I realized that Bub doesn't really have much to do with Earth politics."

Still, the Lil One couldn't suppress those adorably squelchy "meows" after the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was signed into state law by Indiana Governor Mike Pence, giving both individuals and businesses the ability to deny serving patrons based on a “person’s exercise of religion." In case you didn't know, Bub hails from Indiana, so this is a pretty important issue in her wide eyes.


"In this situation it's a matter of equality in general and acceptance and that's what Bub stands for," her human said.

Consequently, Bub became the face of 50 Bands & a Cat for Indiana Equality, a compilation coming out via Indianapolis label Joyful Noise featuring the likes of Thee Ohs Sees, Thurston Moore, Of Montreal and, of course, Bub.

"She's the spokescat," Bridavsky said. "She contributed her words of wisdom -- sort of like an introduction to the comp. And her track is her saying the stuff in Bub sounds. Bub is to this comp what Tom Cruise is to Scientology... she's the face of this comp."

All proceeds for the $25 compilation -- which comes with a handmade 7" featuring a song of your choice -- go to Freedom Indiana, the ACLU of Indiana and Indy Pride.

In addition to mewing for equality, Bub recently dipped her paw into the political waters once more when she was asked to be a part of the First Lady's "Let's Move" campaign for its fifth anniversary.

"Michelle Obama is challenging celebrities to give her five ways that they stay active," Bridavsky said. "So she challenged Bub. So we did a whole episode of Bub's show with Michelle Obama. She pranks the White House and Michelle answers and then Bub has a training video of all the things she does to stay fit."

We can't wait to see how Bub stays fit, but, in the meantime, we'll be picking up her compilation hereabouts.

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