Behold The Ass-Kicking Glory Of The All-Female Action Supercut

So much punching!

The only bad thing about this lady action star supercut is that it only goes on for a couple minutes -- when realistically, we would happily watch these women punch, kick, stab, and shoot bad guys for at least seventeen hours straight.

All the best, butt-stomping-est women of film seem to be included in this reel, from "Alien's" Ripley to the Black Widow to Geena Davis in "The Long Kiss Goodnight."

There are also at least two Milla Jovoviches -- including the clementine-haired alien Milla from "The Fifth Element," whose big fight from that film is still the best ass-kicking scene ever set to a techno opera soundtrack.

If you've fallen off on your 2015 resolution to spend more time in the gym, a quick loop through this clipfest (and that over-the-deltoid shot of Linda Hamilton on a pullup bar) should be all the inspiration you need to get back in the weight room right now.

Action Women Movie Montage from ClaraDarko on Vimeo.