Selena Gomez Ditches That 'Same Old Love' On New Track: Listen Now

The <i>Revival</i> track is about shedding the past.

Selena Gomez's latest track is about ditching a love that's gone stale.

It's a steady, sexy song with the crackle of vinyl and an old-timey piano loop. The song is about the point in a relationship where you feel like you're not progressing -- where everything is the "same old love."

"I'm so sick of that same old love/ That sh--, it tears me up," Selena sings over sparse, yet pounding beats. "I’m so sick of that same old love, my body's had enough." She's obviously ready for something new, and she's not afraid to shed what she's already got.

"I'm not spending any time, wasting tonight on you/ I know, I've heard it all," she declares. "So don't you try and change your mind/ Cause I won't be changing too, you know."

Listen to the track:

"Same Old Love" is available now when you pre-order Gomez's album Revival, which features the first single "Good For You."

On Wednesday, the singer revealed the track list for the album with a series of body-centric GIFs. "Same Old Love" will be the fourth track.

And, according to the album cover, Selena is putting her whole self out there on this project.