Miley Cyrus’ Sound Is Changing On Her New LP: Here’s How We Know

Let Mike Will tell it.

Smilers, get ready for a whole new Miley.

Her next album is going to show us a different side of the singer, according to Mike Will Made It. The two have been collaborating on her follow-up to 2013's Bangerz, which of course Mike executive produced. And their chemistry is still strong.

"We work like yin and yang," the Ear Drummers CEO told MTV News at the BET Awards red carpet on Sunday (June 28). "So, we just working on a lot of stuff. We’ve got like eight or 10 songs recorded. So, we’re just gonna pick the best songs to go on the album.

"It’s gonna be interesting though," he added. "Her whole sound is switching up. You know what I’m saying? It’s crazy."

Mike Will's own album - which has no title or release date - is also going to show a new musical style. "It's a totally new sound from what I've been doing," he said of his own project. "I've been working with Fergie, John Legend, Schoolboy Q, Future, Snoop, all type of people on my album, No Doubt, all types of people."

The producer's still working on both projects, but it looks like he's got even more on his plate. He also added that he's been collaborating with Rihanna, Beyoncé, Wiz Khalifa, Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane. While Guwop is locked up right now, the two speak daily, and Mike's already got beats waiting for when the MC's release.

Miley's also been listening to Gucci Mane, apparently. The singer recently told Paper that Guwop was among the musicians she'd been in tune with while making her new album, along with The Flaming Lips and Waylon Jennings. And her LP is being done in her garage.

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