Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Shared Some Wine Before Filming 'Passengers' Sex Scene

Naturally, they kept it classy

Is it too early to crown 2016 the Year of Chris Pratt? The 36-year-old actor has already proven himself as one of the biggest and most bankable leading men on the planet, but this year he's upping the ante. With films like The Magnificent Seven and Passengers hitting the big screen later this year, Pratt's proving that he's not just a leading man -- he's a bona fide movie star.

In Passengers, Pratt teams up with fellow ginormous movie star Jennifer Lawrence for a sci-fi romance that takes place on a spaceship during its 120-year voyage to a distant colony planet. TL;DR Pratt and JLaw fall in love in space!

However, while the rest of the Internet is ecstatic that the two most charismatic actors in the biz are getting down and dirty together on the big screen, it was all sorts of awkward for JLaw, who opened up about the intense anxiety she felt filming that particular intergalactic love scene. So what was the experience like for Pratt? Pretty similar. In fact, it was so awkward the two had to open a bottle of wine before filming just to shake the nerves.

In a career-spanning interview with MTV News's Josh Horowitz at CinemaCon, above, Pratt recalls bonding with JLaw over their mutual love for Dumb and Dumber, filming that "uncomfortable" sex scene, and tells us how Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 "blows the first one out of the water."

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