Young Buck To 'Stomp' Out Luda/ T.I. Beef On Debut Album

Battle track won't appear in original form on G-Unit soldier's LP.

If you have a mixtape featuring "Stomp," Young Buck's posse cut with T.I. and Ludacris, hold onto it. It's a collector's item. The track as we know it, with Cris and Tip battling each other, isn't going to be included on Buck's upcoming Straight Outta Cashville LP. Instead, a remix is going on the album, with newcomer D-Tay replacing T.I.

"Yeah, it's crazy," Buck said Monday about the current incarnation of "Stomp." "A lot of people want to know how that record came about. [They ask], 'How did you get two dudes talking about each other in the same track?' When it started off, I had nothing to do with it. I still don't know the whole situation on why they had their differences. I respect both of them as artists. I like both of their music."

Buck says he asked 50 Cent to reach out to T.I. for a collaboration for Straight Outta Cashville. 50 obliged, and the track was sent to Atlanta for T.I. to rhyme on. Buck said he was surprised when the song came back with the line "And me getting beat down, that's ludicrous," because he didn't know if was a dis or not.

"I was hearing on the streets that [T.I.] and Luda be having problems with each other, and I know I just did a song with Luda's group about a week or two before," Buck elaborated. "Me and Luda are cool. To be all the way honest, I'd known Luda before I knew T.I., so I couldn't just jump on this record and have them having differences with each other, and then [have Luda] be like, 'Yo, Buck, what's up?' "

Staying diplomatic, Buck talked the situation over with Cris and even played T.I.'s verse for him. Ludacris confirmed that the two had been going back and forth, and he wanted to get on the song and speak his piece.

"I even got at T.I. like, 'Yo, Luda heard this record. He wanna jump on the record,' " Buck explained, "just to make sure all the feelings and everything would stay the same way. And he was like, 'Oh, I'm cool. I'm cool with it.' "

So Ludacris laced "Stomp" with his own battle raps, and the streets have been talking ever since.

T.I. and Cris have apparently now squashed their beef, Buck said, but controversy still surrounds the song. According to Buck, T.I.'s camp requested that Ludacris change his verse before they clear Tip to be on the album. (A T.I. spokesperson had no comment on that.) The G-Unit soldier said Cris has refused.

"Even throughout the song, you don't hear either one talking about killing each other," Buck lamented. "It's just more of a competitive thing. Damn, that's hip-hop. So that's why I don't really understand the whole 'changing your verse' part about the situation, but it is what it is. I ended up having to take T.I.'s verse off of my album. I got G-Unit South Records coming pretty soon; I got an artist I've been working with by the name of D-Tay. So y'all can look forward to D-Tay on 'Stomp Part II.' I think it's the perfect setup. I let him speak on the whole situation."

Buck, who has the single and video "Let Me In" out right now (see [article id="1488051"]"It's Young Buck's Turn To Prove He's No Slouch On The Solo Tip"[/article]), is gearing up to shoot a split video for "Stomp" and the Lil Jon production "Shorty Wanna Ride." He wants to drop his new clip shortly before his album is released on August 24.

"If it was up to me, my album would've came out on July 27, the day it was scheduled the first time," he said. "But with all the success coming around [Lloyd] Banks' solo album -- you know he was #1 on Billboard for the first two weeks, and he's platinum already -- we wanted to give him a little more room to breathe. I'm gonna shoot another video, give them a whole other look and then -- bam! -- drop this album. So it's a good look."

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