The 'Stranger Things' Kids Become The Junior Ghostbusters In The Season 2 Trailer

These Halloween costumes get a little too legit

The second season of Stranger Things is hitting Netflix on Halloween, and that's kind of perfect considering how a night of trick-or-treating in Ghostbusters gear seems to have shaped the adventures — and nightmares — of our favorite slime-fighting kid heroes in the next chapter of their epic.

All of your faves (except Barb, because oof) are back in Hawkins after their brush with the supernaturally scary Upside Down, with Will, Dusty, Mike, Lucas, Eleven, and all of the totally perplexed teenagers and adults in their orbit returning as well. In this "Thriller"-soundtracked clip, the kids get ready for Halloween and deck out in some impressive Ghostbusters gear — but it turns out their DIY ghost trap works just a little too well when they put it to use.

Notable developments: Eleven is back and dealing with some gushy wall situations (and nose bleeds, still); Steve's hair remains iconic and enhanced, even, thanks to a supremely '80s pair of Wayfarers; Joyce and Nancy have got the "OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WHAT'S GOING ON etc." terrified expression down pat; and bikes are officially the getaway vehicle of choice when ghosts, creatures, aliens, or otherwise inhuman threats are in hot pursuit.

Also: beware of video arcades, 'cause you never know when the heavens will open and a gnarly beast will burst through the clouds to remind you who's boss.

Stranger Things returns on October 31, so psych yourself up by scarfing some waffles and playing this trailer on repeat.

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