Don't Even Try To Get Jessica Chastain To Spoil 'Interstellar' For You -- She Won't

She learned her lesson from 'The Sixth Sense.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

The mysterious new Christopher Nolan film, "Interstellar," hits theaters this weekend. You probably don't know a lot about it, other than that it's set in space, but star Jessica Chastain wants it that way. The movie's plot was kept intentionally under wraps ahead of the film's release, something Chastain told MTV she wishes happened more often.

"A trailer didn't used to tell you what the whole story of a film is going to be," she told us in an interview ahead of the film's release. "And now it's like people expect that, because they want that to make their decision, like, 'oh yeah, that's the movie that I like.' Why don't you go and be completely blown away and surprised?"

Chastain knows what's up when it comes to spoilers too: she had the ending of "The Sixth Sense" revealed to her before she saw the movie. Bummer. "That's not the movie that you want to be spoiled for you."

For more of Chastain's thoughts on spoilers, and her theoretical trick ending for "Interstellar," watch the interview above.

"Interstellar" is in theaters today.

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