Fetty Wap Meetz 'Kidz Bop' And It's The Best Thing Ever

Some needs to make a <i>Kidz Wap</i> album quick.

Everyday, Fetty Wap is gaining new fans. On Wednesday, he stood front and center on XXL magazine's annual Freshman cover, and yesterday, Ed Sheeran and the Roots dropped an acoustic cover of his breakout hit "Trap Queen." Yup, Fetty's fans come in all shapes and sizes, and if you follow his manager Nitt da Gritt on Instagram, you know this to be true.

Every couple of IG posts, Nitt (he's the guy who says that his boy sounds like "a zillion bucks" at the end of "Trap Queen") posts short clips of kids singing and dancing to all of Fetty's biggest tracks. It's like Kidz Bop, but with just Fetty songs -- it's like Kidz Wap.

She did her own radio edits. Sign.Her.Now

This trio could be the new Destiny's Child, with a mix of Zoovier.

Or maybe TLC, because this little one has some serious flow.

It's a family affair.

Look at his Fetty dance.

This brother and sister team share a duet.

Don't cry baby, Fetty's on.

Cooking (apple) pies with my baby -- yeeeeeeeeeeeeah

Hey, wassup, hellooooooooo.

My girl sounds like a zillion bucks on the track.

This baby is too turnt.

A bit of Fetty before your football game.

Shorty has a mean two-step.

This three-year old has his Fetty-isms down pact.

Too cute.

Just adorable.

Seriously though, who doesn't love Fetty Wap?

And they're dressed alike!

Baby won't you come my waaaaaaay.

And for the finale...

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