Scarface Named Head Of Def Jam South

Former Geto Boys member Scarface has been named president of Def Jam Records' new office in Atlanta, which seeks to sign potential chart-toppers to the New York label before others offer deals and advances.

The 30-year-old rapper brings fourteen years of experience to the position. During his career on the microphone, he recorded fourteen albums, ten of which sold over 500,000 copies and four that topped the million mark.

Def Jam hopes his experience will help the new label reach the enormous audience that routinely buys albums released by other Southern powerhouses Cash Money and No Limit Records. Def Jam also hopes Scarface's street credibility will help the label compete with other high profile artist/executives like Jermaine Dupri at So So Def, Master P at No Limit, and Slim and Baby at Cash Money Records.

As President, Scarface plans to follow the blueprint set forth by the original Def Jam, increasing sales by signing strategic distribution

and solo artist deals similar to those that brought Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella label over from Priority and The Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man (as a soloist) from Loud.

Hopefully Cash Money will come over from Universal," Scarface recently told "Blaze" magazine. "No Limit will leave Priority. Rap-A-Lot will leave Virgin.

After accepting the position, first offered last September, he refused to promote his last solo album "Last Of A Dying Breed" and further shocked his label Rap-A-Lot with a December 8, 1999, press release that said he wouldn't conduct "direct interviews" in support of the project.

I want to take over what's going on in the South right now and make sure they're getting their just due," he said of his new position in the magazine interview. "I got me my own basketball team now. I just gotta get some good players.