#SMH: The Most Questionable Judgment Calls Made On 'Finding Carter'

You know it's bad when even Grant screws up.

Wearing that appliqué Christmas sweater to school. Trying to duplicate Katy Perry's purple hair with a Clairol kit. Recreating Taylor Swift's entire "Shake It Off" video with a flip cam and uploading it on Youtube. Admittedly, we've shown poor judgment at one time or another.

And tonight's "Finding Carter" proved we're not alone. Between a Bird-brained financial decision, an unreasonable rant and more than a few romantic faux pas -- even the all-knowing Grant screwed up -- there were questionable choices galore. Here are the ones that made us cringe the most, all courtesy of Carter's crew:

David gets caught lying for the 1,282,865th time.


During an emotional discussion with Elizabeth, Mr. Wilson literally scoffed when his wife said she was still committed to their relationship. "From where I'm standing, only one of us is pulling for this marriage to work -- and it's me," he dramatically announced. Then the doorbell rang, signaling the arrival of his date for the night. #busted

Bird proves she's no Suze Orman.


When her new roomie Max tallied up the month's bills, the party girl had to confess that she didn't have the cash to cover her share. But Bird had good news later that night at the school fair: She'd managed to "squeeze" a few hundred bucks out of her grandparents. Too bad she spent it on buying out the bumper car ride for all her pals. #fiscallyirresponsible

Grant strikes out with his Skype crush.


He'd never actually met his galpal Reagan in person -- the two had only Skyped -- but the G-man finally came face-to-face with her during a chance encounter at the fair. Immediate chemistry followed -- until Grant had a mini freakout in the House of Mirrors (hey, those things can be disorienting) and blamed Reagan for his panic attack. The result: She was clearly disturbed by his inner nerd and ditched him in a flash. #damnthosemirrors

Gabe confuses the new guidance counselor with Mary Kay Letourneau.


Smitten with the school's latest staff member, Gabe put his best moves on the pretty blond named Abby. "I couldn't help but notice you were flying solo at the boyfriend?" he asked suavely. But alas, she didn't seem interested in fraternizing with the students. "I am not discussing my personal life with you," Abby replied. "I'm your guidance counselor." #youaredismissed

Ofe inadvertently helps Taylor realize she's just not that into him.


After losing every carnival game possible, Ofe threw in the towel and just bought an adorable stuffed bear for his kinda-sorta sweetheart. But it wasn't quite so cute later that night, right around the moment David finally told Taylor about his tryst with Lori. "Your mom and I were having issues at home, and Lori was my way to avoid dealing with them," he said of his indiscretion. "Using a physical relationship to hide from your problems -- it only makes them worse." And with that, Taylor's eyes fixated on the plush bear -- aka the symbol of her loveless relationship with Ofe and the fact that she's only using him to take her mind off of Max. #thisisgettingdeep

Elizabeth goes off half-cocked, figuratively shoots self in foot.


Furious that Abby had given Crash a stamp of approval, the lady cop stormed up to the high school on SAT day to confront her new nemesis. "He's a criminal, and we need to work together to keep him out of Carter's life. He's a terrible influence on her," she proclaimed. But then, as if on cue, the reformed bad boy drove up with Carter and dropped her off for the SATs -- ensuring she took the test just like Elizabeth wanted. Oh, and making Mrs. Wilson eat crow. #youwantfrieswiththat?

Which fail do you think was the most epic? And do you think Taylor's revelation about Ofe means another Maxlor reconciliation is on the horizon? Share your thoughts in the comments section, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of "Finding Carter" on Tuesday at 10/9c!

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