Jack White -- Or His Doppelganger -- Looked Very Sad At This Cubs Game

There's no crying in baseball, dude.

The Cubs may have beat the Padres Tuesday night at Chicago's Wrigley Field, but their victory completely failed to put a smile on Jack White's face. The musician apparently attended the game -- all kitted out in Cub's gear, no less -- and looked just miserable to be there. Maybe they ran out of peanuts and Cracker Jack?

The Washington Post reports that White turned up at Wrigley last night, citing several tweets containing snaps of the singer. We're willing to concede that this man could be the White Stripes singer's doppelgänger, but White is playing a show Wednesday (July 23) in Chicago in support of Lazaretto, so signs point to Sad Jack being the real deal.

Now let's all speculate wildly as to why White looks so sour. I'm going to wager it's the $8 beers.