Kesha Bursts Into Tears While Performing 'Woman' For The First Time

'This is a very special night'

Kesha’s return to the music world has been a long, turbulent journey, so it’s no surprise that performing her new songs is a super emotional experience.

During a show in Council Bluffs, Iowa, last night (July 20), the singer got choked up before her first live performance of “Woman.”

“This could suck really, really bad,” she told the crowd. “But we’re gonna probably do it. I just wanna say thank you guys.”

Her fans dutifully chanted her name as Kesha paced nervously around the stage, wiping tears from her eyes. But all that anxious energy vanished as soon as she launched into “Woman.” Armed with a smile, a strut, and loads of confidence, she crushed the performance, as seen in the fan-shot video below.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Kesha explained after the song, “It’s the first time we’ve ever performed it. Ever. I know that it seems silly I cried... This is a very special night for us.”

Here’s to many more awesome performances ahead!

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