Remaining 3LW Pair Too Busy To Hold Auditions For New Member

Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams shoot video, record holiday album, acting in movie.

PACIFIC PALISADES, California -- 3LW aren't letting the fact that they're now 2LW slow them down.

Only six weeks have passed since Naturi Naughton left the group, and Adrienne Bailon and Kiely Williams have already recorded more than an album's worth of songs and shot their first video as a duo. ([article id="1457968"]Click to see photos from the set of the video[/article])

"It's different," Bailon said Tuesday on the set of 3LW's new video, "Neva Get Enuf." "At the same time, it almost feels like it's a new beginning, like a new birth for 3LW, which is really cool that we're able to do different things now. You'll see that we're not attached at the hip. There are gonna be scenes where it's just Kiely doing her dance thing, ... so a lot more of our personalities is definitely gonna be shown in this video."

Since Naughton's controversial departure (see [article id="1457117"]"3LW Become 2LW: Naturi Says She's Out Of Group"[/article]), Bailon and Williams have recorded five new tracks for A Girl Can Mack, due October 22, as well as the entire holiday collection Naughty or Nice, due November 26. They also recently began filming a movie together, playing singers in "Cheetah Girls" (see [article id="1457870"]"3LW Holiday Album Due; Members Land Film Roles"[/article]).

3LW are so busy, in fact, they haven't even begun to think about screening potential replacements for Naughton. "For right now," Bailon said, "it's just the two of us, and we wish Naturi the best of luck in doing her thing."

Bailon and Williams said they returned to the studio and delayed the release of A Girl Can Mack three weeks because several tracks had been leaked on the Internet and they wanted to the album to be fresh.

Among the new material is "Neva Get Enuf," which was produced by Presidential Campaign and features Lil' Wayne, and the album's third single, the Lil' Kim collaboration "I Want That." Treach from Naughty by Nature also appears on the album, on the party anthem "Put 'Em Up."

"Neva Get Enuf," which samples Teddy Pendergrass's "Close the Door," is about feeling lonely while you watch your best friend collect a pocketful of phone numbers. "Which is so true, it's so us," Williams said. "I never have nobody, and (pointing to Bailon) she always has somebody. It's horrible."

Horrible also describes what Bailon and Williams thought of the mid-tempo tune the first time they heard it. "We were like, 'Ew, we hate this song," Williams said.

"We had to put some 3LW flavor on it, and it ended up being a really hot song," Bailon said. And because of the sample, "a lot of older people can like the song as well."

For the video, directed by Erik White (Ludacris, B2K), Bailon and Williams wanted to capture a day in the life of 3LW. "We get up out of our houses, we go to ..." Williams explained, before Bailon finished: "Go eat some fast food, walk around our neighborhood."

"Basically, we look at the cuties, they look at us," Williams added. "There's a lot a cutie-type looking."

"You know how most videos the guys be checkin' out the ladies? We flippin' that around a little bit and it's us checkin' out the guys in this video," Bailon explained.

As for Naughty or Nice, the girls said not to expect a typical holiday album. Only one of the tracks is a classic, "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," and even that is sung "Marilyn Monroe-style."

"We have song called 'Aw, Hell No,' and it's about all the wack Christmas gifts you could ever get," Bailon said. "You open up an ugly knit sweater and you're like, 'Aw, hell no.' "

After wrapping the video for "Neva Get Enuf," Bailon and Williams will return to the set of "Cheetah Girls," where Bailon plays a New York native named Chanel and Williams plays a Texas girl named Aquanette.

"It's really fun 'cause we get to come out of character, because I'm prissy and uppity, and in real life I'm a tomboy and I just like chill in big jeans and wear boys pants," Williams said.

Solange Knowles, Beyoncé's sister, was originally cast to play Aquanette, but when she had to back out to promote her album, Williams stepped in. The Disney movie, produced by Whitney Houston, will be in theaters next summer, according to the girls.

For more on Naughton's departure, check out the feature "3LW: One Story, Two Sides."