'SNL' Cast's Moms Reveal Their Kids' Embarrassing Home Videos

Sorry Mom but LOLOL, we still can't believe you fell for that.

Mother's Day is here again, and this year it's not just about expressing gratitude for those special ladies putting up with all your attitudes. Although that is enough alone to justify 364 more days of mom-tributing because MOMS.

Apparently, this year is also about belatedly 'fessing up to bad behavior and begging mom's pardon. At least, that's what the "Saturday Night Live" kids decided to do on last night's (May 9) Reese Witherspoon-hosted episode.

Yep, the comedians were plus-oneing it last night with all their adorable mamas in tow to turn the "SNL" stage into an open mic confession booth for every last one of them. And while a few of the truth-tellers were outright creepy (we're looking at you, Kyle Mooney) most of them were heartwarming in their own little strange ways.

Like when Kate McKinnon said sorry to her mom for being a "weird girl" who played as Mary Jo Buttafuoco in her spare time and her mom kindly reminded her, "weird got you here." Yeah, she was straight crushing the mom game right there.

Or when Sasheer Zamata's mom agreed that the second grader who got her glasses broken from a slap in the face totally deserved it. Because no to violence as an answer, but yes to that sort of everlasting back-having.

Also, there was Pete Davidson's mom who was totally chill about losing her best coat to a home horror movie ketchup experiment because, shrug, that's what creative little kids are bound to do.

Of course, the moms couldn't leave without getting their own: they shared embarrassing home videos of the "SNL"-ers in their youth, which were, of course, hilarious. Even host Witherspoon's mom shared up a clip of teenage Reese.

Adorable, adorable everywhere.

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