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Nas Launches Lifestyle Website 12Society

Rapper partners with Nick Cannon and others on subscriber-based site, which offers high-end apparel and gadgets to users.

When you're Nas the Don, life is most certainly good. Since his debut album, Illmatic, God's Son has been spitting rhymes about his favorite apparel, helping to set the trends for hip-hop heads everywhere. Now, with his new lifestyle site,, Nas is looking to let fans in on the good life as well.

The site, which launched on Tuesday, is a subscriber-based experience co-founded by Nas, in which he partners up with the likes of NBA stars Blake Griffin and Kevin Love and media mogul Nick Cannon. For $39 a month, users will receive a monthly shipment of handpicked apparel, gadgets and other premium products that the stars use in their everyday lives. Each shipment is guaranteed to be worth a minimum of $125.

"To me the 12 Society thing is just people like myself and other people that are involved connecting with the people, giving them some insight on our lifestyle and making the people a part of it," Nas told MTV News on Tuesday.

For Nas, the 12 Society experience is an extension of his music. On 1996's "Street Dreams," the Nasty one rapped about his David Robinson Nike sneakers, Guess jeans and Clarks Wallabee moccasins; it was like a lyrical fashion tutorial. It's a style that Nas still employs. On [article id="1681448"]"The Don,"[/article] he name-drops high-end brands like Roberto Cavalli as well as his favorite rugged army-green jacket, which he rhymed about on his classic 1994 single "It Ain't Hard to Tell."

"It comes from music, it comes from me talking about certain kicks and sneakers I might like," he said. "With 12 Society you don't have to just listen to me talk about a certain shirt, you'll get that. You'll get that delivered to you."

While 12Society offers fans a taste of life's finer things, you don't have to break your bank to be a part of it. "This is not about being a baller or nothing. What you're receiving is worth way more than what you're paying for," Nas promised. "This is for everybody; this is not for rich people. This is for everybody. It's a cool thing."

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