Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Has Smashed The World Record For Taking Selfies

Cue the People's Eyebrow -- there's a new Selfie King in our midst.

Serious question: Is there anything Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson can’t do?

We’ve already marveled over his ability to shave beards in hurricane simulators and lip-sync to Taylor Swift. Just this week, the wrestler-turned-actor even surprised a super fan — and the rest of us, for that matter — by officiating a wedding. And on top of that, he’s just an astoundingly inspirational human being in general.

Now, he’s added another glowing accolade to his stellar list of achievements: he’s the new undisputed Selfie King (watch yo back, Kim Kardashian).

On Thursday night (May 21), The Rock broke the Guinness World Record for most self portraits (selfies, obvi) taken in three minutes. The historic feat went down at the premiere of his new action/disaster flick “San Andreas” in London, where he finally got a chance to flex his superior arm strength by capturing 105 selfies in three minutes.

Lest you think this was an easy and uncomplicated triumph, rest assured it was a highly scientific process. According to the Guinness World Record website, there were certain requirements that had to be met — for instance, the photo had to show the subjects’ full face and neck, and it had to be focused (read: not blurry). Some selfies were disqualified, but The Rock ultimately prevailed. Cue the People’s Eyebrow.

In his very own celebratory selfie video posted on Instagram, the proud overachiever wrote, “We just set a NEW GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for most self portraits (selfies) taken in record time (yup, a selfie world record exists and your arm gets a helluva workout). WORLD PREMIERE of SAN ANDREAS and rewriting the record books all in one night. #MicDropBoom #NewSelfieKing #LONDON #SanAndreasWorldTour”

Congrats on crushing it as always, Dwayne!

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