Troian Bellisario’s Phone Went On An Epic Coachella Snapchat Adventure — Without Troian Bellisario

The truth really is stranger than fiction

Troian Bellisario's phone had a better weekend than Troian Bellisario. On Saturday (April 23), an unusual pic was uploaded to the Pretty Little Liars star's Instagram account, and that jump-started a whirlwind weekend filled with the three C's: confusion, captions, and Coachella.

Before we delve into this strange story that thankfully has a happy ending, here are three key things to know:

1. Troian Bellisario lost her phone.

2. A dude named Jack Wagner found said phone.

3. Bellisario's Snapchat became lit.

The saga began with a lost duffel bag.

"Hey i found your phone/bag outside griffith. I texted some contacts in ur phone with my number but nobody's responding. I gotta head out in 30 mins please hit me up. Lol you have a lot of followers," the then-unknown poster captioned.

Well, at least this person didn't sign it with "—A."

Naturally, red flags started flying after "Bellisario" posted this random pic of the band Disturbed.

"why isnt DISTURBED playing at coachella? My uncle tony told me they were headlining and i believed him until now. Apparently he lied to me! Every band at coachella is a joke compared to disturbed. Im extremely upset about this #coachella2016 guys never trust ur uncles especially if their name is tony."

After that business, Bellisario borrowed friend and director Tommy Bertelsen's phone to set the record straight.

Apparently, she accidentally left her bag after unpacking her car before hiking. She contacted the person with her phone (a.k.a. Jack Wagner) and was "rushing to get it."

The two started texting and tried to find a time and place to meet up.

And that's when Bellisario realized her Snapchat was being updated as well, not just Instagram. Whoops.

"This guys weird but kind of hilarious," she captioned.

Jack worked up the nerve to mention the Coachella passes in Bellisario's bag.

Troian Bellisario/Snapchat/Gaia17

Troian Bellisario Snapchat

He also thinks her name is "Trojan," which is kind of hysterical.

And Queen Trojan Troian then gave a complete stranger the best gift ever: permission to use her Coachella wristband.

"I watching u on snap, Jack. 👀," she stated.

Her wristband allowed Jack to join Skrillex onstage during his show.

But Bellisario was totally cool with it if Skrillex was.

Seriously, what is this guy's life right now?

Troian Bellisario/Snapchat/Gaia17

Troian Bellisario Snapchat

Which is probably what Bellisario is thinking.

"Hosting my own #coachella2016 watching Jack have a blast on my snapchat. #guns&rosé (Photocred: @brendanpatrickhines )," Bellisario captioned.

Later, Jack met Zedd. Like, WHAT.

After a long night of partying, Jack caught back up with Bellisario. The two finally met IRL and watched Game of Thrones together, because duh.

"@versace_tamagotchi came to my house. Watched #GOT gave me my phone and won #coachella2016 #jacksback."

Seriously, Troian, you really dodged a bullet that Jack wasn't like A.

They also face swapped, because no Snapchat adventure is complete without one.

Troian Bellisario/Snapchat/Gaia17

Troian Bellisario Snapchat

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