Christina's Dark, Moth-Filled New Video Is About Empowerment

Surrealist director Floria Sigismondi shooting 'Fighter' clip in Los Angeles.

If you thought the "Dirrty" and "Beautiful" videos were a departure from Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" days, wait until you see her "Fighter" clip.

"You're going to see her like I don't think she's been portrayed before," declared surrealist director Floria Sigismondi, best known for helming Marilyn Manson's clip for "The Beautiful People."

Sigismondi, who is working with Aguilera this week in Los Angeles, hesitated to reveal details of the treatment but said to expect her signature dark theatrics.

"The song is sort of about transformation, so I took that in a nature kind of way, the way nature deals with transformation," Sigismondi explained. "It's basically about coming from a very poisoned place to an empowerment, a place of strength."

For one of the scenes, Sigismondi plans on hatching thousands of moths.

"I've always had this fear of moths, and I subconsciously wrote this thing with these moths in it, so I guess I have to deal with it," the director said. "They're furry and they carry dust. I found out in old mythology they are supposed to represent the soul. I think that's very appropriate."

Sigismondi -- who also directed Filter's "Can't You (Trip Like I Do)" and videos for David Bowie and Björk -- felt an instant connection with the deeply personal "Fighter," which Aguilera wrote about her father, who abandoned her.

"After all you put me through/ You'd think I despise you," Aguilera sings over Dave Navarro's guitar chords in the opening of the song. "But in the end I wanna thank you/ 'Cause you make me that much stronger."

Ideas came to Sigismondi so fast that she submitted her treatment to Aguilera early, a first for the director. When Aguilera read it, she was immediately game (see [article id="1470408"]"Finally, Someone's Paying Christina To Put Some Clothes On"[/article]).

"She's not too preoccupied with how great [she's] going to look in the video, it's more about let's do a really great concept," Sigismondi said. "It was a concept video and not about beauty shop."

"Fighter" will be released before Aguilera hits the road this summer on the Justified and Stripped tour (see [article id="1470069"]"Justin Timberlake/ Christina Aguilera Tour Dates Announced"[/article]).

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