Katy Perry Producer Likes 'Teenage Dream''s Grammy Chances

'Being nominated is great, but winning is even better,' Tricky Stewart tells MTV News of Album of the Year nod.

Despite [article id="1646970"] debuting at #1[/article] on the Billboard albums chart and spawning three massive hit singles, some in the industry were surprised earlier this month when [artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist]'s Teenage Dream grabbed a [article id="1653391"]Grammy nomination for Album of the Year[/article].

Tricky Stewart was not one of them.

"You know, I did four songs on that record, so I'm really proud of it," he told MTV News. "And not just because it's [nominated in] the Album of the Year category, but because Dr. Luke did an amazing job on the singles and Stargate did an amazing job on the singles ... but all of us together, we put that album together, and I think it's pretty flawless."

And while, at this point, Grammy noms are nothing new to the super-producer -- this marks the second-consecutive year he's in the running for Album of the Year (Beyoncé's I Am ... Sasha Fierce was nominated at last year's ceremony) and he's been up for Song of the Year twice in the last three years (for Rihanna's "Umbrella" and B's "Single Ladies") -- he's in no way taking the honor lightly. After all, these kinds of things don't happen all that often, if they happen at all.

"It's tremendous honor ... and when you get acknowledged like that by your peers, it's always great. You never know when it's going to happen and nothing is promised, so I take that very highly," he smiled. "I'm very thankful to Katy for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to be a part of [the album], because most people don't hear my music and go, 'You're the perfect person for Katy Perry.' She took a shot with me and really let me get in there."

So while some may doubt Teenage Dream's Album of the Year credentials, Stewart isn't listening to the naysayers. In fact, even though it's up against the likes of Eminem's Recovery and Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster, he likes Dream's chances.

"Being nominated is great, but winning is even better. I hope we win ... we'll see what happens," he laughed. "Everyone that's in that category deserves to win. They've all done it, so to say I want to win more than the next person wants to win is selfish. I believe everyone deserves it, but I hope we get it."

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