Could Kendrick Lamar Join The Avengers?

Meet his superhero alter ego.

Kendrick Lamar is already a super dope MC, but what kind of superhero would he be?

The Compton, Calif. rapper recently sat down with Mass Appeal to break down his superhero alter ego. On a day when "Avengers: Age of Ultron" is set to hit theaters, we have a feeling K. Dot would be a pretty ill addition to the squad. Who else would you pick to defeat the villains in a m.A.A.d. city?

Here's the type of superhero K. Dizzle would be.

Kendrick's Superhero Name

Yep, it's Kendrick "Harbody" Lamar.

His Uniform

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Kendrick Lamar

"There’s really no uniform. That’s the catch. Whatever environment he’s in, he chameleons into that environment. No mask. No nothing. You don’t see him coming."

K. Dot’s Super Powers

Andres Tardio/MTV

Kendrick Lamar

“Straight love. Energy…He actin’ on a work of love. His energy builds up to the next man and builds up all around the world. Everybody’s full of this superb energy.”

His Superhero Ride


"He might pull up in a pinto, a 2-door Honda or something like that. You know? Or if he’s in a prestige spot, he might pull up in a Beamer."

Kendrick's Ultimate Villain

Mass Appeal/YouTube


“Lucy…in actuality, it’s Lucifer.”

So, Would He Fit Right In?

Yeah. I have a feeling "The Avengers" would welcome Hardbody to the team.

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