Kirk Franklin And Label Sued For $5.5 Million

After announcing that he will be establishing a $300,000 fund to benefit minority medical students at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis, gospel artist Kirk Franklin and his label, Gospo Centric, were sued for $5.5 million by five members of Franklin's former backing band, The Family, the "Dallas Morning News" reports.

In their lawsuit, LaKeisha Grandy, Terri Pace, John Gray, and Dalon and Carrie "Mousie" Collins accuse Franklin and his Los Angeles-based record label, Gospo Centric, of fraud and breach of contract. The suit, which was filed on May 2 in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that the five went unpaid for their work on Franklin's double platinum 1998 CD, "The Nu Nation Project," according to the "Morning News.

In a statement quoted in the "Morning News" article, Gospo Centric Records' attorney Peter Haviland said, "I have never seen a more frivolous lawsuit. These individuals don't represent The Family. We understand that other members want

absolutely nothing to do with this suit.

A similar lawsuit was filed against Franklin and Gospo Centric Records by gospel choir God's Property, with whom Franklin recorded "Stomp," a 1997 crossover hit. in 1998, the group accused Franklin of inducing them to sign a one-sided contract with an offshoot of Gospo Centric Records, B-Rite Music. The group also accused Gospo Centric of not paying them for their work on the 1997 album, "God's Property From Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation.

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