Here's Why Aubrey Plaza Photobombed Hillary Clinton And Katy Perry

'It looks like I'm a creepy security guard.'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Here's a funny and silly little thing: do you remember that one time when Aubrey Plaza photobombed Katy Perry and Hillary Clinton? Well, she did:

Because of course photobombing them was the only option — wouldn't you do the same, were you in such a position? Well now we finally know the backstory behind how such a moment came to be.

"We were both just aggressively trying to get some face time with Hill," Plaza explained to MTV News while promoting her new movie, "Life After Beth." "And she got there first."

"I just saw a moment and I took it, honestly. I saw a sliver of space between them and I just slowly popped my head up and I was just hoping to god that I was in the picture. And I was!" Apparently Perry was none too pleased. But no matter, because we are.

And the photo will forever hold a special place in Plaza's heart. Why? "I like it, it looks like I'm a creepy security guard for them both."

Keep on creepin' in the free world, Plaza.