Fear Not! The 'Jersey Shore' Duck Phone Was Given A Proper Burial [Video]

It survived aggressive hang-ups, drunk dials and many a tongue lashing, but sadly, after three years, the Duck Phone finally fell victim to an especially irritated Mike. Sitch smashed the receiver on the final "Jersey Shore" episode after Paula pretended not to hear his "hello," but in a clip from the reunion special below, the cast assures us the landline is resting peacefully in the avian afterlife.

Mike calls his outburst a "minor interruption of service" before host Amy Paffrath asks how its memory was honored. "We had a little funeral for it," Vinny says. "We went to the pond and buried it with all the little fishes and frogs." Sounds kind of nice, actually! Plus, according to Pauly D, it might have been the poor bird's time. "We never paid the phone bill," he says.

+ Check out the segment, and leave your final condolences in the comments!

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