Alicia Keys And Jay Z Surprised Times Square With A Duet Of ‘Empire State Of Mind’

Nas, John Mayer, and the ghost of John Lennon also showed up

Alicia Keys turned Times Square into her own personal stage last night (October 9), and she invited a few high-profile guests up to join her.

The singer brought out Jay Z for a rare performance of their 2009 hit "Empire State of Mind," a song that doesn't really get a better venue than smack in the middle of Manhattan.

Nas and John Mayer also showed up to the concert.

In addition to her own songs, some taken from her forthcoming album Here, Keys performed a cover of John Lennon's "Imagine," filling the screens behind her with pledges to end sexism, homophobia, and climate change.

She also had a special message for one presidential candidate in particular.

Keys has never been one to mince words on politics, and given that her latest show started right after last night's presidential debate, the messages she shared were all the more timely.