Lil Peep, iLoveMakonnen, And Fall Out Boy Are In A Magical Kingdom In 'I've Been Waiting' Video

You'll find some life-sized creepy-crawlies and flying dolphins here

Lil Peep's dream collaboration with Fall Out Boy and iLoveMakonnen, "I've Been Waiting," was released at the end of January. The magical track should appear on Peep and iLoveMakonnen's forthcoming collaboration project Diamonds; it's a mystical tune that casts an enchanting, mid-tempo pop spell upon all who listen. So it makes sense for the accompanying music video that to be equally as majestic and imaginative. And the visual for "I've Been Waiting" hits the marks easily and surpasses them for a CGI romp that rivals the lush scenery of James Cameron's Avatar.

"Dedicated to all those people that want to feel magic around them. And also to Peep, who inspired this magic," reads the ancient words on the screen as birds chitter and chirp in the background. The rapper, who died in 2017, isn't present in the video, but his soul lingers with a benevolent mark. He's then revealed to be made of tree branches in a portrait etched by nature in a beautiful kingdom with a castle on the hill. The greens of the gigantic Douglas fir trees are rich and jubilant. White debris, maybe snow or dandelions, blows peacefully. It's a serene scene of a world we can't possibly get to. Nature rules and we just occupy it.

In this world displaced in time sits iLoveMakonnen, a peasant with a piano, humbly singing as he plays. The song's vibrant pop sounds clash elegantly with the surroundings. iLoveMakonnen lets a gigantic centipede pass him by while he's playing, then he steps through a mysterious casement and enters into an odd land of air balloons. The sky's pink, and there's a swimming dolphin moving gracefully through the stratosphere. Just as iLoveMakonnen gets settled into this weird setting, he gets magically transported to Fall Out Boy's beautiful dinner table where they feat with a gigantic white bumblebee. That's not even the brunt of the weirdness. The video grows culminates with the troupe hanging out with a gigantic dog, and by then, we're immersed. This land is weird and the proportions of its inhabitants are all out of whack, but it's far enough moved from reality to justify our intrigue.

"I've Been Waiting" was quarterbacked by iLoveMakonnen who, in a recent interview with XXL revealed that he sent the track, with his and Peep's vocals already recorded, to the band following Peep's death. iLoveMakonnen also connected with Peep for two other posthumous records, “Sunlight on Your Skin” and “Falling Down.”

Check out this fantasy romp of a video above.

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