7 Reasons Why We're Jealous Of Justin Bieber And Ellen DeGeneres’s Friendship

The ultimate platonic celebrity pair.

Yesterday (February 10), Ellen DeGeneres invited a familiar face onto the Ellen Show for her biggest giveaway to date.

Together with Lowes, Ellen gifted half a million dollars to Spain Elementary-Middle School in Detroit, Michigan, to help fix its leaking roofs and replace broken technology. She wasn’t alone in her efforts, though. Upon hearing that all performing arts funding had been cut from the dilapidated school, Ellen’s good friend Justin Bieber literally popped out of a box to offer the school a dollar from every ticket sold to his concert in Michigan.

Justin had some kind words to say about Ellen on Twitter after the taping, and last night at the Saint Laurent show in Hollwood, the pair were photographed hugging in amazing jackets. Their friendship is one for the history books, and these are its best moments.

Ellen threw Justin a graduation party when he missed his own high school graduation.

Being a busy fledgling pop star in 2012, Justin couldn’t make it out to his own graduation ceremony -- so Ellen held one just for him.

Ellen refereed a game of “Never Have I Ever” with Justin and Madonna.

She even called him “J” scoldingly when she thought he was lying about getting kicked out of a bar.

They pranked unsuspecting passersby by hiding in a bathroom stall together.

Imagine just trying to use a public restroom and running into these two out of nowhere.

When Ellen needed her plants watered, Justin was there.

That’s not a euphemism.

Ellen brought diehard Beliebers on the show just to surprise them by introducing them to Justin.

This was in the middle of Justin's weeklong residency on Ellen...which never really seemed to end.

Ellen helped Justin count down to the release of “What Do You Mean?"

Out of 77 celebs, she was definitely the most excited for his new single.

Justin gave Ellen a very special pair of underwear for her birthday.

Like all great friends do.