Lydia Has A Deadly Warning For Her Friends In This Opening Scene From 'Teen Wolf' Season 5

Plus, the banshee suddenly has superhuman strength. Wait. WHAT?

If the latest "Teen Wolf" trailer didn't get you excited for the new season, then you have problems might want to check out this Season 5 opener featuring the lovely Lydia. Seriously. Just watch the captivating clip below, and then we shall dissect the insanity...

Now that you've had a moment to digest it...we find ourselves back at the mysterious Eichen House, the mental health facility where both Malia Tate and Meredith Walker once donned not-so-stylish straitjackets. (And if the end of Season 4 is any indication, Peter Hale is still there, locked up in a windowless prison ward with several other inexplicable supernatural folk.) The beloved banshee is now a resident, but we don't know why — plus there's a creepy shower scene even more disturbing than this one from early on in the series:


But let's focus on the new season's opening: Holland Roden's alter ego appears bruised, battered and unresponsive, not to mention emotionally abused by the so-called health staff. She gets shuffled off to bed, and just when you think the male nurse is about to poke Lyd with something other than a syringe (eww!), the Beacon Hills student goes all banshee and suddenly has superhuman strength. HOW IN THE...? What, so Lydia is a banshee-werewolf now?

Nevertheless, our favorite screamer effortlessly pushes aside a few security guards, but her escape hits one major roadblock: A mystery (and FAMILIAR!) hottie arrives and announces that because Lydia's "treatment" hasn't been finished, her getaway must be stopped. But, she says, somebody has to warn her friends...THAT THEY'RE ALL GOING TO DIE. Wait. THEY'RE ALL GOING TO DIE?? What the heck is she talking about...?

More will be revealed in due time (we promise), so be sure to catch the two-part season premiere of "Teen Wolf" on June 29 (that's in exactly two weeks) and June 30 at 10/9c!