The Craziest Things Taylor Swift Fans Have Ever Said

These Swifties have put some weird stuff out there, but I love 'em, and so does Tay.

There are Swifties, and then there are real intense Taylor Swift fans. They're the people who have either met Taylor in person or have that as a life goal. It goes past seeing her in concert and buying her albums. They buy 12 of her albums, swap photos of her online, spend every waking second trying to get a Twitter follow from her, draw pictures of her cats, get presents from her and drool when they think about her. Those people.

While I consider myself a casual Swiftie -- which may surprise some, based on the percentage of time I spend writing and tweeting about her -- these people take it to the next level. And I kind of love it.

Here are the craziest things some Taylor fans have said:

I heard it smells good

Be careful

Like, I don't even understand what you're saying

Well, yeah, who wouldn't?

The corps...

Nicknames are aplenty online

Visuals are nice... even from Perez

Life, man

Totally normal

Do you need to go to the hospital?

Probably accurate

Be prepared, Lyssa

I hope you get your brain back

Aaaaand then there's Hannah

More Hannah with her bodily fluids


Good luck

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