How Many Floggers Can You Buy With The Enormous 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Box-Office Haul?

We're going to need a bigger Red Room of Pain.

You might have noticed that "Fifty Shades of Grey" has been the hottest ticket in town for the past few weeks, becoming the highest-grossing film of 2015 since its release February 13.

But even you might not have realized just how much cash Christian and Ana have raked in at the box office since the words "Mr. Grey will see you now" were first uttered onscreen.

As in, the film is set to shortly break the $500 million dollar mark in combined domestic and international sales, according to TIME.

Needless to say, that's a lot of money. Money that would buy a lot of BDSM sex toys -- enough that Christian Grey might need a Red Airplane Hanger of Pain to hold the massive collection of bondage widgets he could get with his movie's earnings. And if you were curious (come on, of course you were), here's what you could buy from various online retailers with $500m to, y'know, play with.

4 million high-end leather floggers in "Scarlet Scourge" or "Blue Devil Leather"

So basically, they have plenty of cash to replace the one that Dakota Johnson stole from the set.

Fifty million nipple clamps

Leave no nipple un-clamped when you buy $500 million worth of Amazon's budget pincheroos. With an order that big, they might throw in an extra million clamps for free! You could clamp the entire tri-state area!

1,103,700 complete sets of "Fifty Shades"-branded gear

In exchange for the "Fifty Shades" box office take, you could outfit every person in a small American city with a complete set of luxury restraints straight from the Red Room of Pain.

Five hundred years at a high-end BDSM retreat

For a cool $500m, you could found your ancestral home at the Twisted Cedar Estate, an exclusive, secret BDSM retreat nestled deep in the woods somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. (Estimated price includes accommodations, daily photoshoots, and 10 hours per day of dungeon playtime until the year 2515.)

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