Lil Wayne Goes All Mixtape Weezy With These 'D'usse' Lines

Tunechi went in on his new track, and these lines prove it.

Tha Carter V can't get here soon enough.

Last year, Lil Wayne promised his fans he was going to work harder, and it sure sounds like he's kept his word.

"Believe Me," Weezy's single featuring Drake, set the tone when it dropped earlier this month. But he took things to a whole other level Thursday night, when he released "D'usse." The track, which takes its name from the Jay Z-endorsed Cognac, finds Tunechi rapping with a renewed vigor and energy over a triumphant beat by Lee Majors.

It felt right to look closer at some of Wayne's lyrics from the track -- the kind of rhymes that evoke thoughts of "the Mixtape Weezy" Hov rapped about on "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)," and that remind fans why fell in love with the YMCMB star. We'll drink to these.

"I been did my time, I'm getting better with time/ But real n---as don't whine, we'll burn down your vineyard"

These kind of lines are Free-Association Weezy at his finest, flawlessly bouncing from bar to bar, flexing his homophone expertise.

"I been ballin' since cornrows, still duckin' the narcos/ My little n---as in war mode, you spark it up, we charcoal"

Wayne's been the official hip-hop "Fireman" since 2005 and Tha Carter II, and he's intent on continuing to bring that heat -- different than your average spark.

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"Blessings on top of sins, restin' with topless twins/ Picture me broke but forgot to take the top off the lens"

Tune's always found creative ways to brag about his wealth, and this line bring back memories of his No Ceilings dismantling of the "Throw It in the Bag (Remix)" beat, when he rapped, "You can't be broke and happy, so me I'm mad rich."

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"The world is mine, I am selfish/ I am a shark f--k them shellfish/ Everybody in the building, well I left that bitch like Elvis"

More than most, Weezy the Martian has been out to separate himself from peers during his career. Sharks vs. Shellfish; In the Building vs. Outside; Elvis vs. Non-Rock Stars: He does it multiple times within this one line.

Laughing Elvis

"And she snort too much of that Michael Jackson/ That bitch gonna need a new nose"

First he uses "Michael Jackson" as a stand in for "white," which itself is a stand in for "coke." Then he brings the whole "nose" thing in and you're just like, "Sh--, can we get a CV release date?"

Soon, hopefully.