Zac Efron Doesn't Mind 'An Older Woman,' '17 Again' Co-Star Says

'If he were my age and I were single, he'd be in lots of trouble,' laughs 'Office' actress Melora Hardin.

[movieperson id="438080"]Zac Efron[/movieperson] might be in a relationship with [movie id="338328"]"High School Musical"[/movie] co-star [movieperson id="318323"]Vanessa Hudgens[/movieperson], but if he finds himself back on the market anytime soon, he has options.

His [movie id="365329"]"17 Again"[/movie] co-star Melora Hardin told MTV News at a "He's Just Not That Into You" screening that while they were making the film together, they were also making fictional plans to fall in love. "Zac -- he's dreamy, truly dreamy," said Hardin, who also [article id="1604400"]co-stars with Miley Cyrus[/article] in "Hannah Montana: The Movie." "I did say to him one day that if he were my age and I were single, he'd be in lots of trouble."

The "Office" star also revealed that the 21-year-old didn't object to her suggestion. "He told me I didn't have to be single. No, he told me I didn't have to be his age -- all I had to be was single! I don't think he minds an older woman," she said. "We were joking around, of course. Zac has a girlfriend. I have a husband that I love very much. It was cute. We were having fun."

Perhaps all the joking about dating an older woman was part of [article id="1581032"]Efron's preparation[/article] for playing a teenager with the brain of an adult. "Everything you do, you have to kind of view it from your dad's perspective," Efron said, revealing how he got in the head of a "grown-up" for the role. "I tried to do a few things that I learned from my dad -- things that he thinks are cool but are really dorky. That seems to be working pretty well.

"I could have gone out and just played a kid somewhere and had a blast," he added. "But now I'm playing a 40-year-old guy. It's kind of fun playing an adult."

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