Nicki Minaj Hosted, Performed, Freestyled, Took Selfies... And 'Golfed', At The 2014 MTV EMA

Oh, and she also took home the Best Hip Hop award.

Nicki Minaj was a busy woman on EMA night. In addition to hosting and performing at the 2014 MTV EMA, which aired from Glasgow, Scotland, Queen Barb also packed in a few extra activities: She delivered a Scottish-themed freestyle, played a bit of golf, tried to take an epic selfie, and she took home the Best Hip Hop award. She even managed to debut a brand-new song off The Pinkprint. No sweat though, that's all in a night's work. Let's review:

Nicki descended from the rafters

Nicki Minaj entered from above, like an angel, to open the 2014 MTV EMA. Decked out in a sequined bra top, and a layered chiffon skirt, she welcomed the crowd like only Nicki could. “What the f--k is good, Glasgow?" she asked the crowd, then instructing them to "Sit back, relax and get ready to get turned the f--k up.” Yes ma'am.

She spit a freestyle just for Scotland

To prove that she was taking this EMA hosting gig seriously, Nicki decided to spit a little freestyle specifically dedicated to hometown viewers in Glasgow, Scotland. It went a little something like this: "I never f--ked Wayne, cause he’s not a Scot/ The other reason is I’m not a thot."

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She accepted the Best Hip Hop EMA

Nicki was up against some stiff competition in this category, going head-to-head with Drake, Eminem and Kanye West for Best Hip Hop artist, but ultimately she came out on top. "I do wanna thank MTV for being so super supportive," she said. "I can't thank you guys enough for the energy tonight. After two years I'm releasing my third album, it's called the The Pinkprint, and I'm so excited to share it with you guys on December 15.” Nicki also promised that she'd be back in Scotland to perform soon enough.

She debuted a brand-new song called "Bed of Lies"

In addition to revisiting her hit single, "Super Bass," Nicki Minaj performed her latest song "Anaconda," and she also gave us a preview of a previously unreleased track called "Bed of Lies." Skylar Grey, whom you might know from her work with Eminem, joined her on stage to sing the slow jam, complete with piano accompaniment.

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She played a little round of golf

You know that Nick's got game right? She decided to play a little round of golf, and managed to easily sink a hole in one. But, the interesting part was where, exactly that hole was situated. See for yourself.

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She attempted to take a monster selfie


Nicki gathered all of her friends for a big selfie, only to have it ruined by an unruly dinosaur. Naturally, she told him to f--k off and get his life together.

And she cursed like a sailor throughout the entire night



Nicki wasn't shy about using the "F" word when she was really excited, or really annoyed at the EMA. As a matter of fact, she opened the show with a big 'ol f-bomb, charmed the EMA audience by becoming Queen of Scots for the night, and made sure the world knows that the "M" in EMA now stands for Minaj.

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