Ben Savage Explains How 'Girl Meets World' Will Answer All Of Your Burning 'Boy Meets World' Questions

Get ready to meet Plays With Squirrels... again!

This season of "Girl Meets World" is like a time capsule for "Boy Meets World" fans, which is appropriate considering that in episode three, Cory, Shawn and Topanga dig up a time capsule in Mr. Feeny's backyard. The episode will surely dig up some nostalgic feelings for fans of the original 90s series.

"We go back to Feeny's backyard, where Cory spent a lot of his time on 'Boy Meets World,' to retrieve this time capsule," Ben Savage told MTV News. "Every day on 'Girl Meets World' feels surreal, but that episode was really special."

Oh, and did we mention Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) makes his anticipated "Girl Meets World" debut in an episode titled "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels?" Plays With Squirrels lives! "We really explore Eric's character and what an interesting and lovable and strange character he is," said Savage.

Speaking to MTV News, Savage and his "Girl Meets World" co-star Rowan Blanchard teased the epic "Boy Meets World" reunions ahead and gave us the scoop on a possible Matthews family reunion -- Eric and Morgan, included.

Mr. Feeny isn't the only familiar face making an appearance this season. After a memorable episode last season, Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) will have an expanded role in season two. In other words, "Girl Meets World" is really amping up the guest stars in its second season.

"Season one was really about introducing the new show, and I think that season two, we're able to tell deeper stories and part of those stories are bringing back old cast members from the original series," Savage told us.

"We're tying up a lot of loose ends and revisiting old stories from 'Boy Meets World,'" he added. "Angela is coming back, Shawn's love interest from 'Boy Meets World.' The Cory and Shawn show is always there -- it's always part of the show."


One person that may not be making an appearance? Matthew Lawrence, who was spotted on set of the Disney series back in April. According to Savage, Jack Hunter won't be popping up in season two -- at least not yet.

"There's definitely talk of him maybe returning to the show," Savage said. "We'd love to have him back."

But we can definitely expect to see one surprising face at John Quincy Adams Middle School this semester: Mr. Turner (Anthony Tyler Quinn).

"Mr. Turner comes back in a role that you're surprised to see him in," Blanchard teased. This is pretty big considering the last we heard of him he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and never really seen again. This is just one of the many ways "Girl Meets World" is tying up loose ends for fans of "Boy Meets World."

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As for the only Matthews that hasn't appeared on "Girl Meets World" yet, Savage and Blanchard won't confirm Morgan's return, but when we asked, Savage teased, "You may see her."

"I think I know something that you don't," Blanchard added. Oh snaaaap. Is a complete Matthews family reunion on the horizon?!