EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: 'Eli Stone' Writer Andrew Kreisberg Joins 'Green Arrow/Black Canary' Team

Now that all that is settled, though, DC has a fresh face jumping on the super-duo's ongoing series as the the pair figures out how to make a marriage work in the world of capes and tights.

Television scribe Andrew Kreisberg, whose writing credits include episodes of "Eli Stone," "The Simpsons" and "Justice League" (as well as an episode of one of my favorite under-the-radar animated series, "Mission Hill"), joins the "Green Arrow/Black Canary" team with this week's issue #15. Kreisberg's run on the series kicks off with a story in which the newlyweds finally find some time to be alone together, and Ollie evaluates just how much his life has changed in recent years -- which could take a while, given that he's been dead, resurrected, nearly killed again, served as mayor of Star City for a while, and yes, got married.

After the jump, check out a 5-page preview of "Green arrow" #15, featuring a story by Andrew Kreisberg, interior art by Mike Norton and Josef Rubinstein, and a beautiful cover by Ladrönn.

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