Nicki Minaj Dropped Endless F-Bombs While Hosting The 2014 MTV EMA

F--k yeah, Nicki.

Nicki Minaj pulled double duty at the 2014 MTV EMA on Sunday, Nov. 9. In addition to hosting the annual awards show, which aired from Glasgow, Scotland, her Minajesty also debuted a brand-new song from The Pinkprint -- and, she really took advantage of hosting in Europe. By which, I mean that she cursed, a lot.

That sh-t would never fly in the U.S.

F-bombs for the show opener



Nicki didn't waste any time getting down to the dirty. She opened the show, suspended from the ceiling, in her layered chiffon dress, addressing the crowd with: “What the f--k is good Glasgow? Sit back, relax and get ready to get turned the f--k up.” Who can say no to that? She also promised to throw "the mother of all parties."

F-bombs for her freestyle

At one point in the broadcast, she decided to drop a little freestyle that included a line from her recent Pinkprint single "Only," rapping, "I never f--ked Wayne, cause he’s not a Scot/ The other reason is I’m not a thot."

F-bombs when a dinosaur f--ks up her selfie game



Remember that epic selfie Ellen took at the Oscars earlier this year? Well, Nicki might've been a little jealous because she tried to take one of her own. But then a dinosaur got in the way and pissed her off, leaving her screaming, "What the f--k? You stupid f--king dinosaur, get the f--k out of here."

An apology for F-bombs, still using an F-bomb



Eventually Nicki seemed to be feeling a little guilty for cursing all over the place. But only a little. After about six offenses, she caught herself, telling the crowd, "Sorry if I just cursed, but I am Nicki Minaj." True.

A big thank you -- with an F-bomb



And, finally, there was only one way to end the show. "Glasgow, you've been f--king incredible," she told the crowd, before hanging up her mic for the night. You know that someone really enjoyed spending time with you, when they deliver an expletive-filled thank you.

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