Someone Figured Out How Much It Would Cost To Make A Real 'Jurassic Park'

Hint: It's a lot.

The paleontologist who helped make sure the "Jurassic Park" series' dinos -- including the most recent box-office-records-snacking installment, "Jurassic World" -- were ultra lifelike (read: scary as sh-t), Jack Horner, wants to make a real-life dinosaur. And he hopes to have it done within the decade. (He also thinks that the trick to making it work lies within chicken DNA, FWIW.)

Which means somewhere the big vein in Ross Geller's head is popping, and an exercise in numbers crunching for if and when the real Jurassic Park were to be pitched -- despite four films advising against such a prospect -- isn't futile at all.

So, the fun kids at Fandango put together this video breakdown of the facts and figures that would go into such a misadventure.

With $10 billion sunk into Costa Rican island real estate alone, the thing would be pricey. Adding in research and development, staffing scientists, general labor and materials costs, and more, the grand total would be over $23.4 billion for start-up, with $11.9 billion in annual recurring costs. That's not even counting what a gigantic pooper scooper would run the sure-to-be-running-for-dear-life idiots who hatched the plan.

Here's hoping no one with that kinda cash lying around has any real interest in funding the resurrection of giant toothy reptiles that might like to ravage all the things and ROAR.