Watch Johnny Depp Horse Around In 'Lone Ranger' Bloopers

In an exclusive look at an upcoming Blu-ray special feature, Silver gets a little out of control on set.

Movies will always have bloopers. Even enormous and elaborate productions like "The Lone Ranger" that have stars like Johnny Depp have those moments where a take falls apart and the actors can't help but laugh.

And that's a good thing for the audience, because we get to enjoy the resulting blooper reel, and MTV News is lucky enough to bring you a sneak peek at the special feature from the upcoming Blu-ray of "The Lone Ranger," which hits store shelves this week.

In our exclusive look at the blooper reel, Depp learns that horses don't always make for the best cast members. During a scene in Monument Valley, Tonto tries to wrangle in Silver, the Lone Ranger's legendary horse, but Depp can't seem to get the stallion to stay put. You'll also see Armie Hammer get licked by a fake horse tongue attached to a green glove. Yeah, bloopers can be pretty weird.

When MTV News spoke with Depp back in July, he talked briefly about what can go wrong on set and why it's so important to have co-stars you can depend on.

"When you're in the ring and the camera's rolling, you're out there with your character and your partner, you never know what's going to happen," Depp said. "Nothing's ever really planned; you just go out there and do your stuff and see what happens -- and Armie was very good about that. A lot of guys are extremely rigid in their delivery or their intent, but Armie can move around a lot."

"The Lone Ranger" hits Blu-ray and DVD on December 17."