First Look: Here's The 'Next Generation' Of 'Real World'

The all-new reality experience is coming to Facebook Watch on June 13

It's time to find out what happens when the next generation stops "being polite."

The Real World: Atlanta, premiering June 13 exclusively on Facebook Watch, is the next "true story" of seven strangers picked to live in a house and have their hookups, screw ups, apologies, voices, opinions, fight, tears and lives filmed -- for all the world to see. MTV Studios, a unit of Viacom’s MTV, is presenting an all-new reality experience, with new episodes debuting every week and content dropping daily.

What's on the horizon for these diverse young men and women as they pick up and move to the ATL? As the supersized glimpse below shows, there are conflicting views about homosexuality and immigration -- as well as bonding moments and nights out on the town.

"This is the Real World, honey," one cast member states. Yes, yes it is.

Check out more of The Real World: Atlanta, above, and share your first impressions of this chapter of the groundbreaking series. And do not miss the premiere on Thursday, June 13!

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