Here’s How Nick Carter And Avril Lavigne Are Making Our Middle School Dreams Come True

Nick's teaming up with the 'cool rocker girl.'

All of you early 2000s music fans, I hope you're sitting down, because your dreams are about to come true.

Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter just revealed that he has teamed up with a certain Canadian rocker by the name of Avril Lavigne for his upcoming solo project.

The singer announced it during a Twitter takeover for iHeartRadio, which had us all immediately reacting like this:


Now, this team-up is not as random as it may seem. Avril and BSB went on a joint U.S. tour together back in 2014, so we imagine they became besties while on the road.

In between his stint on "Dancing With The Stars," Nick has been hard at work on his third solo album, All American, and recently released the first single, a super emotional ballad called "I Will Wait."

"I’m so happy with the single because I took a couple steps back and I asked myself: 'What do my fans want? What do Backstreet Boys fans want? What do people love about the boy bands?' We as entertainers and artists sometimes over think and overanalyze and we try to do something that has a meaning," Nick told Pop Crush. "But then I realized, it’s about love songs. That was one of our specialties, and we haven’t done that as Backstreet Boys in a long time, so I decided to go with an old-fashioned love song as my first single."

In the Twitter Q&A, Nick revealed he would be going on tour for this upcoming album, but promises all the BSB fans that right after, he will be back on the road with his boys.

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