Back To School: Is Brianna Ready For College On 'Young And Pregnant'?

The newly single mama is finally putting herself first

After weeks of deliberation and diminishing romantic feelings, Brianna officially ended her romance with Robert on this week’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. But now she has another big decision to make: Should she go to college?

On this week’s double episode, Braeson’s mama contemplated going back to school since she has more time to spend on herself since breaking up with her boyfriend. However, there was a lot to consider, since taking college classes would be time-consuming — and expensive.

“I really wanna do it. I just don’t know if I can work, be a mom and go to school all at the same time,” she told the cameras.


Brianna considered easing into things by enrolling in just one class at a time, a suggestion made by an advisor at the university, but even that would be a big commitment for the single mama.

“Would I be stable financially?” she wondered. “I don’t really know what I’m going to do at this point.”

Do you think Brianna can make it work? Is she ready to prioritize her education, or should she wait until things settle down in her life? Share your opinion, then tune in to the Young and Pregnant finale and reunion this Monday beginning at 10/9c.

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